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Website Buying and Domain Transfer Process

domains for saleWe offer the Safe Way to Buy Domain Names and Websites Online!

How does It work?
  1. Buyer and I Agree to Terms
    After registering at, both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes the domain name(s) and sale price.
  2. The Buyer Pays at
    The Buyer submits a payment of the agreed price to at pccebu (at) my PayPal, selecting to pay with PayPal gives you instant buyer protection! PayPal accepts credit cards (American Express, MasterCard and Visa). Then i verify the funds and release the domain to your account for free from my account to your account. The transfer is almost instantaneous. Process times should take only minutes but may vary.
  3. The Seller Indicates the Domain Name Transfer Process Has Started.
    After payment is secure, i will be working with you the buyer and the registrar to transfer the domain ownership to the you buyer (I will need your account information to transfer the doman into your name).
  4.  Domain Registration Transferred by the Registrar
    The inspection period is started once you the Buyer indicates control over the domain and you or i confirm the WHOIS information reflects the you Buyer’s customer profile. The Buyer confirms full control through site and the website hosting and website will remain intact. I will then send the Cpanel user name and password with the Back-end Administration password for the CMS if a CMS was used
  5. The Transaction Is Complete – You Now Own The Domain and the Website with hosting.

NOTE: You may transfer your hosting at any time. We offer you 1 year FREE web hosting with every domain purchase.

How Buyers are protected:

How do I start?
Make a bid on a website and domain today!
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